3 Expert Travel Tips to Save Money

Larry Olmsted is a travel journalist with over 20 years experience traveling for work and leisure. In an article for Forbes, he outlined his most valuable tips for those traveling abroad:

  1. Use ATMs to access cash – Olmsted says that you’re better off getting money out from ATMs overseas than you are to exchange at your hotel front desk or at the airport because of the difference in the exchange rate.
  2. Use credit cards when possible – Check out your transaction fees and look at how much you are charged when using an ATM and how much you’ll be charged when using a credit card. Often times, your credit card will offer you the better deal, and on top of this it’s much safer than carrying cash around which you can easily lose.
  3. Use a local or international SIM card and also use Skype – When it comes to making calls, international roaming can be very pricey. Instead, buy a cheap phone on your arrival with a local SIM card. When it comes to calling home, use the free WiFi offered in most hotels to use Skype.