4 Carry On Packing Tips For Business Travellers

When you are packing for a business trip, it’s very different to packing for a holiday. Most of the time business trips are only for a few days so many people only bring carry on luggage with them for convenience sake. According to Travel and Transport, there are some easy tips to get you packing your carry-on luggage like a pro:

  1. Pack clothing items that are versatile – If you pack lots of black and white clothing, it’s easy to pair together and even easier to dress up or down.
  2. Bits and pieces to freshen up – Flights can be delayed and all sorts of things can happen. Make sure you’ve got access to your toothbrush, mouthwash, face wipes and a lint roller in case you need to head straight to a meeting after your flight.
  3. Bring healthy snacks to keep you energized and feeling good – Airport food is expensive and not always healthy. Pack some nuts and fruit to keep your energy levels up. This is far better for you than hot chips.
  4. Bring back-up copies of everything – When it comes to important meetings you don’t want to risk it. Have back up documents of everything and include with these a photocopy of your passport, driver’s license and credit cards just to be on the safe side.