5 Ways to do Business Travel for Less

Business traveling expenses can really add up. Thankfully, there are some clever ways to cut costs. JC Travel have a few suggestions that most of us can implement while traveling:

    1. Plan ahead – Being able to plan ahead means you’ll be able to take advantage of special deals and early bird prices.
  1. Try to avoid emergency trips – Trips that are planned at short notice will always cost more. Consider rescheduling unless it’s absolutely necessary to travel.
  2. Negotiate with your travel agent – Good travel agents help you find low price deals on flights and accommodation as well as ensuring they give your business the best rates to help keep overheads low.
  3. Buying bulk will always lead to discounted prices – Always book your flights and accommodation for both business and travel through the same account with the same travel agent. This will help boost your buying power, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of further discounts.
  4. Use alternatives to travel – Technological advancements has meant that people need to travel significantly less for business. Encourage your company to adopt a virtual meetings policy and implement systems to facilitate this.