5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Business Travel

Traveling for business sounds good, but in reality it can be rather stressful. If you do it often, it can take a real toll on your mind and body as you don’t have access to your bed and other comforts of home, not to mention the fact that it takes you away from your loved ones. Thankfully, Lifehacker has some useful tips for making business travel less stressful:

  1. Book the right accommodation – You should try to make sure that wherever you book your stay, it’s close to where you need to be for meetings. There should also be Wi-Fi in the hotel, plus a spa and gym to help you unwind.
  2. Bring some of the comforts of home with you – Pack your favourite pillow, comfortable pajamas, a book or other things that will help you relax after a long day.
  3. Bring healthy snacks with you – When you are traveling you don’t have as much control over your diet. To keep concentration levels and energy up, make sure you pack a range of easy to grab, healthy snacks like dried fruit and nuts or muesli bars.
  4. Be organised – There’s no doubt you’ll experience extra, undue stress if you aren’t organised or know where you’re going. Memorise your itinerary and know where you need to be, and when.
  5. Overestimate time – Always leave a buffer zone between appointments and allow for travel mistakes like taking a wrong turn or a flight delay.