Airline Improves Experience for Passengers

Singapore Airlines is taking steps to improve the inflight experience for all passengers, including those in economy.

In an age where cutting costs is increasingly taking priority over comfort, Singapore Airlines has decided to buck the trend with its new enhanced cabins, said CNN Travel. Extra leg room is complemented by more luxurious seating for passengers, including an adjustable headrest and backrest cushions.

Passengers will also enjoy a superior entertainment system, with a larger monitor, touch screen technology and USB ports for every seat.

In first class and business class, car giants BMW redesigned the space to enhance comfort and luxury. A 24-inch LCD screen is standard in first class, while business class travellers get an 18-inch screen. First class beds are two inches longer than they previously were and business class seats now recline further, to 132 degrees from 128 degrees previously.

The new cabins cost US$150 million and are already in use on Singapore-London flights.