New Animal Farm Opens at Big4

The petting zoo at the Big4 Gold Coast Holiday Park has some new residents that are sure to be a big hit with the children. The 32 acre park has added a mini farm to its very popular petting zoo.

Children of all ages will now have the opportunity to pet a mini sheep, a mini horse, ducks, chickens, two mini goats and two alpacas. Alpacas are furry creatures from South America’s Andes Mountains that have been raised for wool for centuries.

One of the goats was named by the Vize boys – you might have seen the Vize family who were featured in a recent installment of Domestic Blitz. The boys named the goat Gold Star on a recent visit to the park.

Big4 Gold Coast is a family friendly holiday park conveniently located within easy driving distance of the theme parks and the beaches.