Australian Frequent Fliers Reveal their Business Travel Tips

All of us have our own ideas about what makes for a successful business travel experience. Business Insider spoke to some of Australia’s top frequent business travellers to get their advice on long haul flights and regular international flights for business. These were their tips:

  • Steve Shelley of Emerson Network Power says one of the most important things is to train yourself to be able to sleep on a plane. It ensures you arrive home fresh instead of sleep deprived.
  • James Bunn of TX Australia says that he always takes a tablet loaded with movies, music and audio books to enjoy. Apart from this, Bunn says he always stays hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  • Nikki Parker is one of the regional directors for She says that the most important thing when traveling is to steer clear of alcohol. She also suggests bringing facial wipes and moisturiser to appear as fresh as possible even after a long haul flight.
  • For Andrew Simpson, product manager for Toshiba it’s all about a post-flight ocean swim to cure the jet lag!