Australia’s Tourist Attractions by Visualised in Time-lapse Mode

Melbourne photographer Eddie Hobson travelled for nine months over 43,000 km and took more than 300,000 photos. The purpose of his journey was to create a five-minute time-lapse video that encapsulates the beauty and diversity of Australia.

Hobson photographed coastlines, fields, rock formations, rainforests, mines, and beaches for his ‘Made in Australia’ video. Iconic attractions such as the Great Ocean Road, the Gold Coast, Uluru, and the Bay of Fires in Tasmania were captured in his video.

One of the highlights was a total solar eclipse at Palm Cove in Cairns, Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and Lucky Bay in Western Australia. Each location could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours to make a single 10 second clip.

Hobson, whose photos often appear on Tourism Australia’s Facebook page, said the time-lapse feature was a great way to showcase Australia’s beauty. He funded the trip by himself but hopes to recoup the costs through a hardcover book, prints and the distribution of an eBook.