The Bun Mobile’s Street Food

The food truck phenomenon may just be building momentum in Brisbane, but it’s been the darling of places like New York City for years. That is where Harry and Christine Fleming got their inspiration to start The Bun Mobile.

Capitalising on a virtually non-existent market, owners of The Bun Mobile are setting a high standard for street food performance with their custom selection of Asian marinated meats and locally-grown vegetables hugged between two steamed buns.

Transparency is the key to The Bun Mobile’s success. Food trucks have to prove themselves in the market. That means running a mobile restaurant that is clean, affordable and known for delivering quality food fast.

Fans of The Bun Mobile wait in line for a chance to try one of three burger-sized sandwiches – char grilled teriyaki chicken, wagyu beef, or twice-cooked pork. The Bun Mobile also has a banana caramel desert bun that is both delicious and tricky to eat.