Celebrate Oktoberfest on the Water with the Oktoberfest Cruise

Take this year’s annual Oktoberfest celebration from dry land to the high seas with Wyndam’s Cruise Line’s Oktoberfest Cruise on the Gold Coast waterways.

For more than two hundred years, people around the world have been taking part in Oktoberfest, honouring the memory of the first event held in Munich, Germany in 1810 which celebrated the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese. In those days, Oktoberfest happened in an open field. Today, participants can join their friends and family on a lively three-hour cruise around Surfer’s Paradise.

Cruise guests can embark on this festive maiden Oktoberfest voyage on the Gold Coast waterways and liven up the night with food, dancing, and live entertainment. When the dance floor gets to be too much, guests can relax and simply take in the sights aboard this all-weather vessel. There will be prizes given for the best dressed guest. Of course, no Oktoberfest party would be complete without a world-renowned catalogue of beers.

This year, move the party from the fields to the observation deck on a memorable and magical Oktoberfest cruise.