City of Shadows Crime Exhibit

The City of Shadows Crime Exhibit combines historic images, mug shots and crime scene photos of generations past. This is combined with the present-day narratives of living community members who can recall the stories behind the pictures. The provocative exhibit makes another run in Sydney this year.

When the exhibit debuted at the Justice and Police Museum in 2005, it caused quite a stir amongst museum patrons and community members alike. People called in tips which helped the museum curator and staff researchers unearth a colourful catalogue of sensational non-fiction anecdotes. These private stories–turned-public narratives gave meaning to images that would otherwise have seemed unrelated.

The City of Shadows exhibit features a new selection of images whose stories are still waiting to be told. This year’s run is sure to provide Sydney residents with the opportunity to use their collective memories to once again piece together a series of dynamic stories.