Coping with a Cancelled Flight

Holidays often hit a snag due to a delayed flight. But a delay is nothing compared to the news that a flight has been cancelled. So what do you do in this situation? The Telegraph provided a guide for coping with the cancellation of a flight.

First, travellers should confirm that their flight has indeed been cancelled by contacting the airline, visiting their website, or asking at the ticket desk in the airport. Announcements from social media may be well-intentioned, but they’re not always accurate.

If the flight has indeed been cancelled, there’s no need to panic. In the EU, airlines are responsible for providing travellers with lodging until they’re provided with another flight at no charge.

While hotels at other destinations aren’t obliged to accept travellers’ cancellations due to flights being cancelled, many will make exceptions under these circumstances.

To receive appropriate consideration for cancelled reservations or receiving compensation for costs incurred by flight cancellations, travellers should save all receipts and communications. Travel insurance may also cover some of the costs, or compensate for certain lengthy delays.