Destination Q Forum and the Future of Queensland’s Tourism Sector

Queensland’s leaders are working harder than ever to help the Gold Coast retain its title as Australia’s favourite holiday destination.

Tourism operators from all over the state were invited to the Destination Q forum in August. Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey hosted the Forum, which was designed to create a vision and to show the world that the Gold Coast is the best place for a holiday.

The major purpose of the forum is to let government leaders hear the concerns of tourism operators. These concerns will be incorporated into a blueprint plan and could be the focus of future legislation.

Some of the plans for the conference include the identification of new attractions and new target markets for tourism advertising. Last year’s forum created twenty five short term plans for tourism development. Some of the issues identified by that plan were encouraging ecotourism and improved national park access.

The 2013 Destination Q Forum demonstrates Queensland’s commitment to tourism in the Gold Coast. It shows that leaders recognise that the Gold Coast is one of Queensland’s top economic assets.