Discover Sydney’s Secret Green Spaces

They might not be on the list of top ten attractions, but that may be because these gardens are best kept a secret. Take a walk around some of Sydney’s hidden gardens, beginning in Paddington.

Paddington’s sunken garden used to be a reservoir, then a petrol station, according to Now a stunning haven just across from the imposing town hall, the gardens are best enjoyed with the help of a deckchair – supplied – and time to relax amongst the original reservoir features.

Cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge for two more hidden gardens. The first, Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, can be found just below Clark Park at Lavender Bay. Have a picnic at one of the tables and a walk round to see the sculptures before heading round the harbour to Cremorne Point and the final stop. Lex and Ruby Graham’s lush beds and paths are now carefully maintained by volunteers and the council.