Do You Know these Business Dining Etiquette Rules?

Many businesspeople will meet with their client over a meal and a glass of wine. While this is a wonderful way to do business, it’s important that you take note of some important dining etiquette rules that could make the difference between landing that deal or not.

Business Insider talked to Good Manners author Anna Musson and Margo Ammit, who is a senior tutor from June Dally-Watkins for some expert advice:

  • Ladies should not lean, you are either sitting or standing.
  • Do not get drunk.
  • Do not swear.
  • If you’ve invited the person to the meeting, you pay.
  • Never begin talking business until the main course has arrived at the table.
  • Certain topics should be avoided at the table, including politics, age and weight as well as sexual preferences.

Of course, all of these tips can be used or one can choose to ignore them. Regardless, if you are meeting with someone who sees manners as an important asset, it might be in your best interest to heed at least a few items from the list!