Easy to Follow Tips for Packing a Wrinkle-Free Suit

Business trips (and even some vacations) make packing a suit necessary.

According to Travel + Leisure, garment bags are the easiest way to avoid wrinkles, but they’re hardly the simplest luggage to manage between destinations. There’s a simpler method, however, to avoid unappealing and unprofessional wrinkles while carrying a suit conveniently in a carry-on bag.

The six step method involves a simple yet brilliant way of nesting the suit jackets sleeves inside of one another. Space-saving methods like using briefs for shoulder pad shaping keep your suit looking fresh. Once the jacket’s shape is safely secured, it’s neatly folded, keeping the natural lines of the lapel and other creases intact. Then, the jacket is tightly and neatly rolled into a cylinder.

The suit pants are folded in much the same way to reduce their width, by following the natural creases and seams. They are then rolled around the suit jacket, providing the pants with a smooth foundation and the jacket with another layer of protection.