Finding Street Art in the Rocks

Street art is very prevalent around The Rocks but some of the art may be hidden from view. And when it comes to street art, half the fun is discovering these intriguing pieces.

The Mural is located on George Street in The Rocks. It is a recreated view of Brown Bear Lane, which later became Little Essex Street. Just a little further on George Street is a large portrait of Jack Mundey, an environmentalist. The portrait is cleverly split between the stairs and the brick wall behind. This stunning piece can be found on the stairs on Globe Street.

But a real hidden gem can be found behind The Rocks Discovery Museum. Another piece titled ‘The Mural’, it shows how The Rocks has looked at different times in history.

Another artwork that is easy to miss is the Suez Canal Caricatures. They are life-size replicas of people who frequented the area in the late 19th century, mainly drug addicts, prostitutes and people involved in slavery.