Gorilla Display Planned for Sea World on the Gold Coast

Australia’s Sea World on the Gold Coast has plans to introduce a new jungle display featuring gorillas. According to a report in the Gold Coast Bulletin, the new multi-million-dollar display will also include crocodiles, hippos and other African animals.

The jungle-themed exhibit is set to open in 2015 and the gorillas will be purchased from an international breeding program rather than captured from the wild. Gorillas are considered an endangered species, with populations in the wild heavily impacted by loss of habitat and hunting. Only 50,000 gorillas remain in the wild and 600 of these are the much-loved mountain gorillas.

A spokesperson from Sea World said that the new exhibit would be an exciting addition. Sea World representatives have said little else about the project but the new display is another move away from the traditional focus on sea life by Sea World. Sea World has previously branched out from the marine theme with its interactive dinosaur display, which opened earlier this year.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/travel/australia/sea-world-gold-coast-to-get-jungle-with-gorillas-yes-gorillas/story-e6frfq8r-1226676885426