Grand plans for Gold Coast waterways

The Gold Coast is already renowned for its beaches. Now its waterways are expected to benefit from a $32 million investment over four years.

The work is part of a ten-year strategy, which has been developed by Gold Coast Waterways Authority. The aim is to bring in more visitors attracted by the area’s waterways and canals. The plan includes new ferry services and a jetty for recreational users, according to Fishing Boating World.

Hal Morris is the head of Gold Coast Waterways Authority. Morris explains that the beaches are not the only feature of the Gold Coast worth promoting, adding that he believes there is potential to do more with the waterways.

The $32 million will come from State Government and will be used to work on the waterways and canals over the next four years. This will include dredging work, where sand is lifted from the ocean bed (by the Waterways Authority) and moved to where it is needed (by the City Council).