Grievances Aired From Travellers Who Have Learned Important Lessons Abroad

In The Sydney Morning Herald, two lettersmake their way onto the pages of the Traveller section.

Reader Anthony Williams offers a quick opinion about the lacklustre appearance and atmosphere of the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport. Perhaps the airport’s designation as the “Gateway to Australia” is inconsistent with the true beauty of Australia, as Williams reports that the absence of plants outside the airport and lack of ambiance inside the airport leaves much to be desired. He even had a word or two about the less than helpful parking attendants and the bus driver who transported patrons from the multi-storey parking structure to the airport.

Reader Jim Trianta offers a stir warning for any Australian travellers with plans to venture into Austria on holiday. He learned the hard way that Austria requires drivers to turn on their headlights whenever they drive in Austria. He did not have his headlights on and received a fine of €28 ($42). Trianta then barely escaped being fined an additional €120 for not having the €8 sticker required to travel on the country’s autobahns.

You have been warned.