Henry the Polar Bear Cub Stars at Sea World

Sea World’s ambitious program to breed polar bears on the Gold Coast has been documented in a recent documentary.

The current star of the breeding program is Henry, a delightfully cute male polar bear cub, born in May last year at Sea World.

Still very much attached to his mother, Henry is a star attraction at the Gold Coast theme park and he represents the future of their breeding program, which is an attempt to duplicate the shrinking domain of the wild polar bear in a controlled setting.

Research has indicated that polar bear numbers are declining, with no more than 25,000 remaining worldwide. The Sea World program is not only about breeding these magnificent animals in captivity, but also about raising awareness of the effects of global warming.

The program was started back in 1998 with Sea World’s acquisition of an American female polar bear, a male bear on loan from China and two Russian cubs. Henry is the latest result and the only polar bear cub in Australia. If you’re visiting the Gold Coast these summer holidays, make sure you drop in and see Henry at Sea World.