How to Book a More Comfortable Flight

Some planes are more luxurious than others. Business class in one plane can mean a reclining seat, whilst in another it means a seat that becomes a completely flat bed when it’s time to sleep. Amazingly, travellers can get the better deal for exactly the same price.

If you plan your flights, says the Sydney Morning Herald, you can book your trip so that you fly on the most comfortable plane. The Qantas Airbus A380 has fully reclining seats and a superior cabin to the Boeing 747. The Sydney Morning Herald also reports a smoother ride with the A380. Both planes fly the same route between Sydney and Hong Kong, but on different days of the week. Book your flight for the beginning of the week and you’ll travel on the 747, go for the second half of the week and experience A380 luxury.

When flying between Australia and New Zealand, checking the flight number is crucial to get “upgraded” if you fly with Air New Zealand. A flight number in the 100s generally means a better plane – one of the Boeings – than the plane associated with flight numbers in the 700s, the Airbus 320, which has less leg room. Qantas customers can take advantage of the new partnership with Emirates to travel on the Airbus A380 to New Zealand; Emirates schedules daily flights to Auckland using the A380.