How To Help Employees Save on a Business Trip

Entrepeneur Daniel Ruch was once concerned about the way that his sales employees had no real incentive to save money when it came to travel expenses. This was something he knew he had to change.

“I believe that if you align the interests of employees with the interests of the company they work for, powerful things will happen,” Ruch explained to Forbes. Hence Rocketrip was born.

Rocketrip is an easy to operate travel management system that reverses the sales commissions concept to encourage employees to save as they travel. So the more an employee saves, the more money they will make.

By using a series of algorithms, the system ensures that the choices made by employees while they travel is looked at in terms of how efficiently they worked to save money. For example an employee would be rewarded if they:

  • Booked as early as possible.
  • Chose a flight that was less desirable, but cheaper to purchase.
  • Selected to stay in a very cost efficient hotel or with a friend over lavish accommodation.

Companies love Rocketrip because it works on performance-based commission and there are no service, license or subscription fees.