Move to Ban Babies from Business Class

An airline’s decision to offer adult-only seats in economy class has ignited a debate around whether children should also be kept out of business class areas in planes.

Scoot, a budget carrier based in Singapore, has announced it will sell tickets for five rows at the front of economy class cabins to passengers over 12 years of age only.

This prompted CNN’s Quest Means Business anchor, Richard Quest, to campaign for a no children policy in business class. Quest argues that the business class cabin is a working space, taking to Twitter to push for the original purpose of business class to be reinstated.

A Sydney Morning Herald poll found that 42% of respondents agreed with Quest, whilst 27% thought that some kind of separation should be possible. 31% said that families should never be banned from business class cabins on planes.

Quest is happy for children to be seated in first class cabins; however, one carrier, Malaysian Airlines, has already taken the decision not to allow children in first class any more.