Night Noodle Markets Welcome Latest Food Craze

A new food sensation debuted at the famous Sydney Night Noodle Markets earlier this month – but not everyone was impressed.

The ramen burger has become the latest craze since America embraced the concept of a beef patty within a noodle bun. David Yip is the owner of On Ramen, which has brought the ramen burger, in various guises, to the annual Night Noodle Markets in the city.

According to, the first people to try the ramen burger at the markets were anything but unanimous in their verdict. Following a break in proceedings – during which Yip reorganised the kitchen – one customer declared the ramen burger to be the most interesting thing he’d ever eaten, while others rated it as no more than average and found the non-traditional noodle bun lacking in robustness.

Yip reported sales of 200 on the first night and expects performance to improve as he makes further refinements to the process over the coming nights.