Planning for a Successful Family Road Trip

Road trips are a great family activity, but it pays to plan ahead to ensure the most relaxing ride for everyone. According to Travel + Leisure, author Jamie Jensen’s top tips for a smooth road trip include:

  • Get children involved in planning the route or destination. Include points of interest for them such as places they can play their favourite sport – don’t forget to pack the sports equipment too.
  • Make the car a comfortable haven for the trip. Lose all the clutter that has accumulated and throw in comfy cushions and blankets as well as entertainment for the journey.
  • Make regular stops throughout the day and use the opportunity to speak to people and stretch your legs.
  • Don’t feel bound by the itinerary; it’s okay to go off-plan if something looks interesting or fun.
  • Insert some educational value into the trip by encouraging children to write about their experiences on the road as you travel.