A Quick Guide to Backpacking

There is far more to backpacking than sleeping in a tent and cooking over a fire. Backpacking can be as great of an adventure as any other kind of holiday and it is an affordable alternative as well.

Backpackers in Australia can enjoy the surf on the Gold Coast, snorkelling at the Great Barrier reef, swimming with saltwater crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, and diving at HMAS Adelaide. A warship recently scuttled off Avoca beach to create an artificial reef in New South Wales for those who are interested in a bit of adventure.

Backpacking can be combined with fine dining in Brisbane, coffee shops in Melbourne and trips to the popular theme parks on the Gold Coast. Check out Dreamworld this year on September 13th as it plans to open Australia’s first zombie themed haunted house – Kevil Hill. If you want to see unique wildlife, drop in at Sea World to see the new polar bear cub scheduled to make his debut next month.