Recreational Fishing in Australia

When you mention Australia’s Gold Coast, the first thoughts people have are of swimming, surfing, and gorgeous beaches. But the Gold Coast offers another popular draw: fabulous fishing opportunities. Visitors can rent a boat and head out on their own fishing holiday to explore the stunning scenery along the way and try their hands at landing some fantastic catches.

Hiring a houseboat is a popular choice as it provides lodging, transportation, fishing opportunities, and even a place to prepare your meals. You will be able to cast and troll along the way. There are great catches to be made 24/7; many realise that night can be the best time to fish.

The best part is connecting the sparkling lights of other boats to make new friends. Meet new people, share your fishing stories, and enjoy your time together along the Gold Coast.

One more thing to keep in mind: have some plans for the incredible fish you’re sure to catch!