SBS Feast Magazine Celebrates Australia’s Finest

SBS Feast magazine has announced the winners of its food awards. A quick roundup of the results shows that the best pizza is to be found in Melbourne, while Sydney makes the best tacos.

Local magazine contributors chose the winners from the magazine’s reader-nominated shortlist. According to editor Alix Clark, the contributors taste the restaurants in the 10 categories to find the best of the best.

The best pie in Australia is to be found at Red Door bakeries in Adelaide, while the best salt and pepper squid is found in Darwin at Hingston Chinese. The country’s best Portuguese tart can be experienced in Sydney’s Sweet Belem. Sydney is also home to the best tacos, with El Loco winning for that category. Spice I Am, also in Sydney, won for best green curry.

Melbourne won for best croissants (The French Quarter Patisserie and pizza (DOC Gastronomia), while Brisbane won for the best ramen in Australia (Taro’s).

Those looking for the best falafel in Australia should seek out The Prophet in Perth. Clark stated that many of the winners were family-run businesses with family secrets. The SBS Feast food awards’ shortlist has around 200 restaurants and the list can be downloaded for free as a smartphone app.