Serviced Apartments the Preferred Choice for Employee Accommodation

In the past, businesses have often put their employees in hotels when they needed to stay overseas for business travel, or were in the transition period while an individual was relocating for work. But now, according to Relocate Magazine, serviced apartments have become the preferred choice for a number of reasons.

Ross Patterson is the director of Refresh Accommodation and he said that in recent years there has been a growing trend to favour serviced accommodation over hotels because:

  • Serviced apartments are more comfortable for longer stays because they are far more spacious and offer the comforts of home.
  • Serviced apartments have evolved to include everything you would expect from a hotel, including onsite facilities like a gymnasium and complimentary WiFi.
  • Apartment accommodation is significantly cheaper than booking hotel rooms.

Ross Patterson said that there are a few key considerations to make when choosing the ideal serviced apartment for a business client:

  • Close proximity to work
  • Flexible terms in the case that the stay is extended
  • And if such an arrangement is extended, the client should be eligible for a discounted rate.