Start Your Flight In Style at the Airport Lounge

Travelling can sometimes be stressful or boring, especially the time spent waiting in airports after you have cleared security. An enjoyable alternative to the gate area is an airline’s airport lounge. These areas have restricted access and provide guests with various facilities, food and, most importantly, a place to relax pre-flight.

Lounges are also a bonus in the event of a delay, whilst lounge staff can help you with many enquiries, too. There are several ways of accessing these lounges, according to Lifehacker, and it can be well worth it for the peace and quiet.

Firstly, you can buy membership, although this can be expensive.

Purchasing a business class ticket will also secure you access to the airport lounge. If you travel frequently, your loyalty can pay off, providing you remain with the same airline as far as possible. The more you travel with a particular airline, the better status you acquire with them, with perks such as lounge access for gold members.

Finally, if you are travelling with someone who is already an airline member, you may be able to gain entry as their guest.