Sydney For Chocolate Lovers

If you’re a chocolate lover, there are several places in Sydney you simply must go for the full choc experience.

Chocolate Espresso, which offers walking tours around town, shows you where to buy the best coffee and chocolate in the city.

In Sydney CBD you’ll find Kakawa, a boutique store that features a Q&A night about chocolate. You’ll learn about the entire chocolate making process, enjoy some samples and participate in a chocolate related quiz.

For a half-day of chocolate flavoured fun, join the Sweet Sunday Tour around the Queen Victoria Building. You’ll visit a chocolate store that’s been open since 1915 and you’ll also enjoy a bunch of their samples.

If you still haven’t gotten your fill, The Chocolate Sunday School in Mosman will teach you about the history of chocolate. You’ll also get to make some and, of course, sample the deliciousness.

Finally, in Leichhardt you’ll get the opportunity to participate in a workshop put on by Kimberly Chocolates. You’ll learn how to make chocolate, and then create some tasty truffles you’ll get to take home as souvenirs.