The Sydney Monorail Says Goodbye

After a relatively short lifespan, the Sydney Monorail is being sold for scrap metal. Despite only opening in 1988, the privately owned operation saw less than ideal attendance. Now, after 25 years, the service ran its last tour.

Deemed a failure, the mass transit system was plagued by cramped travelling conditions, a lack of cost effective measures and a truncated length that was hard to justify. But the Sydney Monorail decided to go out in style with a grand tour of the city.

Put on by the City of Sydney Council, the tour covered the numerous stops that the monorail frequented. Travellers began at the Marble Bar on George Street and then headed to the tour’s first stop, Darling Harbour.

As the monorail ran its course, it was clear that its lack of range as a mass transit system seriously compromised its viability.

The system will be dismantled at a cost of between $10-15 million but it will allow the city of Sydney the opportunity to introduce a light rail system.