Sydney Opera House Still Internationally Relevant at 40

Sydney’s iconic Opera House celebrates its 40th anniversary with the knowledge that it is viewed more highly as a brand than Australia itself.

Deloitte said that the Sydney Opera House is the main reason for visiting Sydney for tourists from New Zealand, China, the US and UK.

According to, performances at the Opera House are valued at a staggering 38% more than the ticket price due to the experience offered there.

Young and Rubicam’s Brand Asset Valuator acknowledged the strength of the Opera House brand. Last year, $640 million was spent by tourists in Sydney thanks to the Opera House. It also has a role to play in supporting the national economy, with an annual contribution of $775m.

The Opera House is also looking forward, with its finger firmly on the digital pulse. It currently has a digital reach of 128 million, primarily via Facebook, and last year 4.2 million people watched Sydney Opera House performances online. The Opera House also has its own digital channel.