The Sydney Tower Eye

High above the city, visitors in Sydney Tower will enjoy the most scenic and breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of Sydney available.

Since it first opened in 1981, Sydney Tower has afforded visitors a variety of activities from shopping at the five-level Westfield Shopping Centre, to relaxing in the lounge area of the Observation Deck, to getting a better view of the city in open air by going up to the tower’s Skywalk.

At 266 metres above Sydney, the Sydney Tower Eye is an open air glass platform where gazers are dressed in blue and yellow bodysuits and fastened to a safety harness in order to get a good look at the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Blue Mountains in the west and everything in between.

Regular Tower Tickets (adults $25; children $15) include admission onto the Observation Deck and OzTrek, a 10-minute virtual reality ride across Sydney, the bush and the Great Barrier Reef. For an additional fee (adults $40; children $30), guests can gain entry onto the Skywalk and the Eye.