The Sydney Underground Film Festival 2013

Filmmaker Stefan Popescu provided his highlights of this year’s of independent films on display at the Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF).

As the festival co-director and co-founder, Popescu understands the frustration of working in the film industry and having few mediums on which to display your work because it does not cater to the tastes of the average cinema goer. It is that widespread exclusion that moved Popescu and fellow filmmaker Katherine Berger to create the Underground Film Festival on a shoestring budget in 2006.

Now in its seventh year, SUFF is gearing up once again to feature a motley assortment of films no one else will show including adult films, black comedies, arthouse films, documentaries and horror movies.

Popescu revealed his highlights of this year’s festival, which included a tenth anniversary screening of Tommy Wiseau’s cult drama The Room, Patrick Moote’s Unhung Hero, Keith Allen’s documentary on the death of Princess Diana entitled Unlawful Killing and Paul Schrader’s film The Canyons.

The Sydney Underground Film Festival ran from 5-8 September at the Factory Theatre.