Sydney’s Café Paci Pops the Rules


Fine dining is fine, but sometimes the real joy is in humbler eating-houses with common ingredients like the pop-up Café Paci in Sydney’s Darlinghurst, wrote food blog, Grab Your Fork.

It may be a simple all-grey dining room, but chef Pasi Petanen (formerly of Marque fame) serves up a colourful culinary adventure ride!

The $85 degustation menu is a roll call of nothing but ingredients.  Malt, banana, parsley…could it really work? Undoubtedly, according to the blog. It is only when the food arrives that diners see what they’ll be eating. Dehydrated duck “like  a pile of snow” fallen on the plate topped by a lone rose petal; a rye taco with sticky rice, egg butter, sour onions and chives; and blue swimmer crab with sorrel and plum. This dish is so intense, it is like standing in knee-deep water and eating straight from the sea, reported the blog.

The ‘Photato’ is a far and fancy cry from the modest Vietnamese soup, served with beef seared on one side, deep-fried garlic chips, char-grilled lemon, watercress, enoki mushrooms, and potato string ‘noodles’.

No need to choose between cheese and chocolate, because the gorgonzola and dehydrated chocolate mousse are on the same plate. And what a good marriage it is, attended by a bridesmaid of prune paste rolled in sesame.

And the parsley? In the sorbet.

Café Paci is open until January 2015.