More Sydneysiders Choosing Apartment Life

Many Sydney homeowners are experiencing a shift in perspective and priorities and, as a result, are choosing to live in apartments. Because of this trend, developers have also changed gears and are building to suit demand.

At this point in New South Wales, approximately 1.5 million people are living in strata buildings. It has been estimated that in twenty years there will be more people living in apartments than in houses, according to Strata Community Australia President David Ferguson.

Contrary to the aspirations of previous generations, where most people wanted a house with a yard, attitudes have shifted towards convenience; how close the dwelling is to school, work, shops, family and friends.

Some of the benefits of apartment living include amenities in the apartment buildings, such as soundproof rooms (where the kids can play musical instruments), rooftop gardens, outdoor spaces, childcare centres, function rooms, cafés, and swimming pools.