The Best Ways to Pack a Suitcase

Pack smartly for your trip with these top tips from Travel + Leisure:

  • Minimise wrinkling and maximise space by folding clothes in half before rolling them up.
  • Business travellers with suits and shirts to transport should place a layer of tissue paper between each item of folded clothing.
  • Try leaving clothes on hangers to make unpacking at your destination quick and easy.
  • Bulky items can be sucked down to size with a compression bag – use a vacuum to remove air from the bag after filling to save a huge amount of space.
  • Removable inner pockets will keep all your small items together and help with organisation and unpacking at the other end.

Travel + Leisure offers several tips for packing shoes:

  • A shoe bag is the cleanest option
  • If you don’t have a shoe bag, keep soles away from clothes – place shoes with the soles facing up, on top of clothes.
  • Maximise space by stuffing shoes into gaps round the outside of your clothes and in the corners of cases.