The Cost of a First Class Seat to the Airline

The two ends of a commercial plane could hardly be more different in aim and design. Economy passengers must sit in close proximity in order to fit more people in the plane. Business and first class passengers, however, are given room to lie down and may not even see their travelling neighbour from their luxurious spot.

First class and business travel comes at a price, of course. But it also costs a lot to make the seat in the first place, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. A New York Times report puts the cost of building a business class seat at around $32,500 to $87,000. In first class, that figure skyrockets to more than half a million dollars.

But these seats do need to stand up to wear, tear and near-continuous use for several years, all whilst being lightweight, adhering to safety regulations and incorporating all manner of functions to satisfy passengers’ needs.

And when luxury is the name of the game, airlines are prepared to spend to give the highest paying customers everything they need for a top-dollar in-flight experience.