The Most Incredible City Hikes From Around the World

While the concept of hiking may call to mind off-road journeys far from any urban landscape, this is not always the case. Some of the most beautiful, inspirational, and enjoyable hikes in the world can be found near the world’s most exciting cities.

Tijuca Forest is located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Not many cities can lay claim to having a forest within its borders. The winding trails allow travellers to explore waterfalls, tall peaks, and the dense jungle of Brazil.

Sydney is Australia’s largest city, and it is also known around the world for its spectacular coastline. The seaside metropolis sprawls 94 kilometres along the coast, providing a week’s worth of hiking with its Great Coastal Walk.

London features the Thames Path which takes hikers through some of the city’s most historic and iconic locations and Cape Town, South Africa delights rugged hikers with the Hoerikwaggo Trail.