The Must-Have Gadgets For Travelling


Apart from your smart phone, Art of Money shared a few extra gadgets you’ll want to bring with you to make your trip all the more enjoyable and hassle free.

Backup battery – There’s no doubt your iPhone is going to get a workout with all that picture-taking and Facebooking. By carrying a backup battery with you, you’ll be able to recharge without a problem, wherever you are.

Power adaptor – Don’t assume that your hotel will have one of these. Find out which power adapter you’ll need for where you are travelling to and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Noise-cancelling headphones – This is a no-brainer, they will help you sleep on the plane and give you the freedom to tune out to background noise.

Luggage scales – These are such a worthy investment and will certainly pay for themselves. Don’t be lumped with additional luggage charges, ensure you pack right and weigh your luggage properly with the right type of scales.

These gadgets will soon become some of the most important bits and pieces you want to have at the ready before heading overseas on holiday.