It’s Time for the Gold Coast Show at Parklands

The rides at Parklands are revving up for this year’s Gold Coast Show. Young and old, daring or reserved, there is a ride, food choice or activity for everyone at this popular family event.

Since 1989, the Gold Coast Show has been a Parklands staple, providing multiple generations of show visitors with memories to last a lifetime. The show’s rides range from traditional amusement park rides s to faster, more intense rides designed to appeal to the show’s thrill seeking crowd.

Paul Hennessy, a veteran ride operator, recalled fond memories of shows where he overheard parents regaling their children with tales of enjoying the very same ride as a child. Hennessey has worked with the Gold Coast Show for 35 years.

This year’s event will be the last time the Gold Coast Show is held at Parklands, a change that is bittersweet for some employees of the show.