How to Tip the Bag Porter

Many people have asked themselves them same question when travelling, Do you tip the porter who carries your bags to your room and, if so, how much?”

The ritual of tipping the bag porter is one that is alive and well, yet its rules are still unclear for many Australians. The amount of the tip can depend on various factors. Geographic location, the socio-economic climate in the region being visited, the amount of luggage to be carried and the distance taxied can determine the amount of a tip.

In the US, porters are tipped US$1 per luggage item, whereas in Indonesia, porters are tipped $5 a bag in an effort to make up for the porter’s low wages.

The Tripologist for The Age admitted to tipping fifty rupees ($1) to porters in India and they seemed satisfied with the tip, while the cab driver was less than pleased with his tip.

Perhaps when it comes to tipping, the best measure for determining the appropriate tip is trial and error.