Tips for Travelling as a Family for the First Time

Travelling as an individual or as a couple is a different proposition than travelling as a family.

The first journey together outside of the comfortable boundaries of home can be fraught with worry, but there are things travellers can do to ease the stresses ahead of time. Here are a few tips from Lonely Planet to help you make the experience run smoothly.

Choosing a destination that appeals to and entertains every member of the family is perhaps the most important step travel planners should keep in mind—and this includes the planner themselves. There are a multitude of family friendly destinations. Parents needn’t be sentenced to long lines and nauseating roller coasters if they don’t enjoy amusement parks and children needn’t be bored to tears by museum lectures.

Choose a city or region that offers a variety of activities, and be flexible in planning the itinerary. Changing a few plans is far preferable to soldiering through a day no one really enjoys. Finally, choose lodgings that will be both welcoming and comfortable for the entire family.