Top Cultural Hotspots in the City of Brisbane

Brisbane has a number of different suburbs or areas that warrant a visit. These include West End, Sunnybank and New Farm, all of which are multicultural suburbs, each with their own distinct flavour.

West End

West End has changed considerably since the 1920s, but its Greek influences remain. According to Andrew Tambakis, general manager of the suburb’s Greek Club, most Greek establishments were centred in West End and visitors should take time to explore its wonderful Greek restaurants.


Sunnybank is located only 16 kilometres from the CBD, and it is known for its Chinese markets, grocery stores and restaurants. Hard to find items such as fresh jellyfish, purple yams, and ducks tongues can be found here and the food is fresh and sold at a reasonable price.

New Farm

New Farm is said to be one of the most multicultural suburbs in Brisbane, with a strong Italian flavour. The Casa Italia Community Centre, the New Farm Deli, Angelo’s Pasta and Beccofino, are all must visits.