Translator App a Boon for Business Travellers

A new translator app is revolutionising the way we do business overseas, according to a recent article on

Called TripLingo, the new app is available from the iTunes store and offers an amazing range of features. These include:

  • Support for 12 different languages from French and German to Mexican and Chinese.
  • A real-time translator, which talks back to you or whoever you are trying to communicate with.
  • A Slangslider control which allows you to adjust the level of formality you want in your responses and even the speed at which the translator speaks to you.
  • A reference library of 10,000 common phrases, including many business-related ones.
  • A Word Bank which sorts words and phrases into useful categories, such as ‘accomodation’ or ‘shopping’.
  • Background information on the country you are visiting, including tips on local etiquette and safety.
  • A Talk Live function, so if you are really having trouble communicating, you can purchase time with a real translator via your phone.