Travellers Reveal Holiday Plans

A new survey shows that domestic travelling will be the preferred choice for holidaymakers next year.

According to TripAdvisor‘s accommodation and traveller survey, 2014 will be a year of holidaying closer to home, but in 2015 Australasia will be in many people’s minds as they plan global trips. A spokesperson for TripAdvisor, Julio Bruno, said that the survey results may indicate a boost to international inbound tourism markets in two years’ time.

This year, 85% of travellers are planning domestic holidays in order to save money, visit family and discover their own country. Wider economic worries may also play a part, as the survey reveals that only a third of global travellers feel optimistic about the economy.

People are generally taking more trips but making them shorter, according to the survey results, with 88% of respondents agreeing that financial sacrifices in other areas are worthwhile in order to have the holidays they want. The biggest area where people are prepared to cut down to save for trips is nights out. Of those surveyed, 51% said that they will compromise their social life to boost their holiday funds.