Understanding Hotel Star Ratings

A five-star hotel may sound like the best a city has to offer, but star ratings can be misleading, especially when some of the biggest names in hotels don’t even feature on the list.

AAA Tourism is well-known for its star ratings system. However, hotels pay to be part of the scheme and, as there is no obligation to be reviewed under the system, anyone searching for a hotel in Sydney using the AAA Guide will pass over options such as the Hilton and the Four Seasons.

Star ratings are awarded according to the facilities available at a hotel. Amenities such as a full length mirror can therefore boost a hotel’s rating, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Forbes Travel Guide takes a more comprehensive approach to hotel rating, covering 500 elements as part of its overall assessment. This method of grading hotels means that just seven hotels in London have achieved five star ratings with Forbes, and seven in New York.