Who Stole My Bacon? Oh, It’s in my Cocktail


The new Elston bar on The Esplanade in Surfers Paradise,  named after the pre-1933 moniker for Surfers Paradise,  is serving cigar- and bacon-flavoured cocktails.

The cocktails are the brainchild of mixologist at Elston, Jacob Low, who has spent weeks crafting an innovative cocktail menu to wow his customers.

His Jim Jarmusch Old Fashioned infuses a Cuban cigar in spiced rum and coffee liqueur for a touch of old Havana.

Low got the idea from a 2003 arthouse movie, Coffee and Cigarattes. He was one of 10 finalists in the Havana club Grand Prix international competition.

Gold Coast Bulletin reviewer, Stephanie, declared the cocktail a success. Lined with orange zest around the rim, it has a hefty cigar aroma and after-taste, but the effect is a pleasure, she said.

Low is also experimenting with an even more bizarre infusion – bacon.

He is at work trimming and freezing bacon fat to store in his vodka Bloody Mary’s. The Gold Coast Bulletin reserved its verdict on the bacon cocktail as the drink was not yet ready to trial, but there may be no need. It seems the bacon-Bloody Mary combination is already huge in Canada, where Low began his bartending career.